Sunday, the 5th of May

13.15– 13.45 Registration and welcome

13.45– 14:00 Opening 

14:00– 15:30 Paper session (3 x 30′ each)

  • POP: full Parametric modelling estimation for Occluded People,
    (R. Marin, S. Melzi, N. Mitra, U. Castellani)
  • mpLBP: : An Extension of the Local Binary Pattern to Surfaces based on an Efficient Coding of the Point Neighbours
    (E. Moscoso Thompson, S. Biasotti, J. Digne, R. Chaine)
  • Sketch-Aided Retrieval of Incomplete 3D Cultural Heritage Objects
    (S. Lengauer, A. Komar, A. Labrada, S. Karl, E. Trinkl, R. Preiner, B. Bustos, T. Schreck)

15.30 -16:00 Coffee break

16:00– 17:00 Keynote:
Non-isometric shape correspondence: functional, pointwise and everything in between
Mirela Ben-Chen

17:00– 18:40 SHREC Session (4×25′ each)

  • Protein Shape Retrieval Contest
    (F. Langenfeld, A. Axenopoulos, H. Benhabiles, P. Daras, A. Giachetti, X. Han, K. Hammoudi, D. Kihara, T. M. Lai, H. Liu, M. Melkemi, S. K. Mylonas, G. Terashi, Y. Wang, F. Windal, M. Montes)
  • Extended 2D Scene Sketch-Based3D Scene Retrieval
    (J. Yuan, H. Abdul-Rashid, B. Li, Y. Lu, T. Schreck, N.-M. Bui, T.-L. Do, K.-T. Nguyen, T.-A. Nguyen, V.-T. Nguyen, M.-T. Tran, T. Wang)
  • Extended Image-Based 3D Scene Retrieval
    (H. Abdul-Rashid, J. Yuan, B. Li, Y. Lu, T. Schreck, N.-M. Bui, T.-Le Do, M. Holenderski, D. Jarnikov, K. T. Le, V. Menkovski, K.-T. Nguyen, T.-An Nguyen, V.-T. Nguyen, T. V. Ninh, P. Rey, M.-T. Tran, T.  Wang)
  • Online gesture recognition
    (F.M. Caputo, S. Burato, G. Pavan, T. Voillemin, H. Wannous, J. P. Vandeborre, M. Maghoumi, E. M. Taranta, A.Razmjoo, J. J. LaViola Jr., F. Manganaro, S. Pini, G. Borghi, R. Vezzani, R.Cucchiara, H. Nguyen, M.T. Tran, A. Giachetti)

20:00 Social dinner at “Le Terrazze del Ducale
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Monday, the 6th of May

8:50– 10-35: Paper Session (3×30′ each + 1×15′)

  • Depth-Based Face Recognition by Learning from 3D-LBP Images
    (J.-B. Cardia Neto, A. N. Marana, C. Ferrari, S. Berretti, A. Del Bimbo)
  • CMH: Coordinates Manifold Harmonics for Functional Remeshing
    (R. Marin, S. Melzi, P. Musoni, F. Bardon, M. Tarini, U. Castellani)
  • Generalizing discrete convolutions for unstructured point clouds,
    (A. Boulch)
  • A 3D CAD Benchmark
    (K. Lupinetti, F. Giannini, M. Monti, J.-P. Pernot)

10.35:11:00 Coffee break

11:00– 13:00 SHREC Session (5×24′)

  • Feature Curve Extraction on Triangle Meshes
    (E. Moscoso Thompson, G. Arvanitis, K. Moustakas, N. Hoang-Xuan, E.R. Nguyen, M.-T. Tran, T. Lejemble, L. Barthe, N.Mellado , C. Romanengo, S. Biasotti, B. Falcidieno)
  • Classification in Cryo-Electron Tomograms
    (I. Gubins, G. van der Schot, R. C.Veltkamp, F. Förster, X. Du, X. Zeng, Z. Zhu, L. Chang, M. Xu, E. Moebel, A. Martinez-Sanchez, C. Kervrann, T. M. Lai, X. Han, G. Terashi, D. Kihara, B. A.Himes, X. Wan, J. Zhang, S. Gao, Y. Hao, Z. Lv, X. Wan, Z. Yang, Z. Ding, X.Cui, F. Zhang)
  • Monocular Image Based 3D Model Retrieval
    (W. Li, A. Liu, W. Nie, D. Song, Y. Li, W. Wang, S. Xiang, H. Zhou, N.-M. Bui, Y. Cen, Z. Chen, H.-H. Chung-Nguyen, G.-H. Diep, T.-L. Do, E. L. Doubrovski, A.-D. Duong, J. M. P. Geraedts, H. Guo, T.-H. Hoang, Y. Li, X. Liu, Z. Liu, D.-T. Luu, Y. Ma, V.-T. Nguyen, J. Nie, T. Ren, M.-K. Tran, S.-T. Tran-Nguyen, M.-T. Tran, T.-A. Vu-Le, C. C. L. Wang, S. Wang, G. Wu, C. Yang, M. Yuan, H. Zhai, A. Zhang, F. Zhang, S. Zhao)
  • Shape Correspondence with Isometric and Non-Isometric Deformations
    (R. M. Dyke, C. Stride, Y.-K. Lai, P. L. Rosin, M. Aubry, A. Boyarski, A. M. Bronstein, M. M. Bronstein, D. Cremers, M. Fisher, T. Groueix, D. Guo, V. G. Kim, R. Kimmel, Z. Lähner, K. Li, O. Litany, T. Remez, E. Rodolà, B. C. Russell, Y. Sahillioglu, R. Slossberg, G. K. L. Tam, M. Vestner, Z. Wu, J. Yang)
  • Matching Humans with Different Connectivity
    (S. Melzi, R. Marin, E. Rodolà, U. Castellani, J. Ren, A. Poulenard, P. Wonka, M. Ovsjanikov)

13:00– 14:00 Lunch

14:00– 15: 15 EU Projects (3x[20’+5′])

  • CHANGE and ApPEARS – experiences so far with two new ITN projects
  • ArchAIDE. A Neural Network for automated recognition of archaeological pottery
  • The role of similarity in the re-unification, re-assembly and re-association of 3D artefacts: the case study of the GRAVITATE project

15:15 – 16:15 Panel Session

16:15 – Closing

16:15–17:15 Transfer to the EG2019 conference centre[1]

17:15 Opening Ceremony of EG2019

  • 17:45 Awards Ceremony
  • 18:30 Fast-Forward session

19:30 Welcome cocktail + poster session at the EG2019 conference centre

[1] The opening ceremony, the award ceremony, the fast forward and the welcome cocktail of EG2019 are included in the 3DOR 2019 fees. The EG2019 full program is available at the conference site.

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